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Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook E-Series

  1. Turn the notebook on its lid, plug out the power cord, remove the battery and the CD-ROM drive
  2. Remove the screws marked below:

  1. Open the lid as shown below and use a screwdriver to pull the plastic off the clip

  2. You should now have removed the top plastic cover with the buttons on it.

  3. Now remove the other screws to be able to remove the bottom plastic cover with the touchpad area

  4. Here you can see the BIOS battery. Lift the keyboard and carefully lift the bronze sheet metal piece. (If you own the E7110, you need to remove a screw near the Firewire-port to be able to bend the metal sheet up. Thanks to Maris F. for this hint.)

  5. Pull out the small plug and wait about a minute.

  6. Assemble the notebook the other way around and smile. You just reset your BIOS password although Fujitsu-Siemens says you have to take your notebook to a service point to let it be done. (because the Lifebook E-series is so secure LOL )

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Diese Seite auf Deutsch. Since Notebook-manufacturers know of the problem of forgotten passwords, they often implement easy ways to remove BIOS passwords into their notebooks. WARNING! I don't take any responsibility for damages your notebook could ge on : BIOS Passwörter 🇩🇪

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This page in English. Da Notebook-Hersteller die Vergesslichkeit von Passwörtern als Problem erkannt haben, ist es oft recht einfach, ein vergessenes BIOS-Passwort zu entfernen. ACHTUNG! Ich übernehme keine Garantie dafür, dass diese Tricks funktionie


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Mail on :

Lifebook e8310 does not work. The password is not deleted.

Jiji on :

I did try that but is not working what can I do again?

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