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Why Linux?

I use Linux because it's like owning a chainsaw compared to owning a pen knife. Not always necessary, but so much more fun.

--- arjayes of UbuntuForums

MC Startup Delay

If Midnight Commander needs several seconds to startup, check the interfaces line in your smb.conf. According to this page, the built-in Samba code of mc is outdated and doesn't recognize device names like eth0 or lo as the newer smbclient does. So it tries to resolve those into IPs which takes ages until they time out.

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Windows License keys

At My Digital Life you can read about Belarc Advisor spreading Windows license keys. Advisor is a system profiler which also includes the Windows key in its reports. Users posting them to the Internet also publish their Windows key. A common string of Advisor reports is "Belarc Advisor Current Profile". Together with the desired Windows version you can easily find license keys:

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Partition Numbering

After removal of the first primary partition, you might notice, that the names of the remaining partitions didn't change. /dev/sda2 stays /dev/sda2. To renumber the partition, use fdisk and create a new primary partition no. 1 which is located behind sda2. You might want to delete your swap partition, create a new one in partition slot no. 1.

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