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BIOS Recovery on the Acer Aspire One

After playing around a bit, my Aspire One (v3114) got bricked after a normal reboot (blank screen, power led and fan on, nothing else). There's a nice recovery procedure for the BIOS at macles.

  1. download the latest BIOS from Acer
  2. format an USB stick with FAT32 / VFAT
  3. put the files FLASHIT.EXE and ZG5_version.fd onto the stick
  4. rename the ZG5-file to ZG5IA32.FD
  5. now connect this stick to your AAO, also connect the battery and the power supply
  6. hold Fn-ESC down while powering on the AAO
  7. release when the Power-LED starts blinking
  8. (maybe press the power button to initiate the process)1
  9. :warning: DO NOT INTERRUPT THIS PROCESS!!! :warning:
  10. wait until the blinking ends and the AAO reboots a bit later

Somehow an A150L with the v3114 BIOS didn't let me update it to v3304. The Power-LED was blinking and the LED on my flash drive flashed but after a few seconds, the A150 rebooted and the BIOS reported still the v3114.

  1. I'm not sure whether this is neccessary as I don't remember doing it when recovering my bricked A150X ↩︎


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cikeponik79 on :

it works! after months of searching! :PP many thanks!!

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