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UMTS via Bluetooth

To use UMTS Internet via a bluetooth mobile phone, install the packages gnome-ppp and ppp.

There's a nice manual at UbuntuUsers.

  1. use hcitool scan to find the MAC of your mobile
  2. use sdptool search DUN to find the dial-up networking details of your mobile, note the line Channel: 7
  3. edit the file /etc/bluetooth/rfcomm.conf and uncomment the section and make the changes according to your details:

    rfcomm0 {
        # Automatically bind the device at startup
        bind yes;
        # Bluetooth address of the device
        device 11:22:33:44:55:66;
        # RFCOMM channel for the connection
        channel 7;
        # Description of the connection
        comment "SonyEricsson P1i";
  4. launch Gnome-PPP

  5. click Setup and change the settings:
    • Modem Tab
      • Device: /dev/rfcomm0
      • Type: USB-Modem
      • Speed: 460800
      • [X] Wait for dialtone
      • Init Strings
        • Init 2: ATE1 (ATZ is sent automatically by Gnome-PPP)
    • Network Tab
      • Leave everything as it is
    • Options Tab
      • [X] Ignore terminal strings (stupid mode)
  6. enter following details for dialup:
    • Username: t-mobile
    • Password: tm
    • Phone number: *99#


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