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Service mode

Hold keys 1, 4 and 7 while turning on the phone. You will see the display test.

Service menu

Power-on the phone into service mode and type 76200 (4000er series) or 463951 (2000er and 3000er series) to get to the service menu.

There you can check some options and on the next regular power-on, you'll see the checked infos on the display. To get everything back to normal, repeat the procedure to uncheck these options.

Factory reset

Power the phone on into service mode and type 4685463 to reset the phone to factory settings - completely, i.e. incl. all phonebook entries. (The normal factory reset keeps them!)

Phone code

If you forgot the phone code, there seem to be 2 ways:

1. Get into the service menu and type: 4#, push OK, *R#R, OK, 8#9* and the red button.

2. Get into the service menu, move the selection to the menu separator (---------) and type: 89376200.

EEPROM patcher

:warning: Doesn't work for all phones!

Get into service mode and type 337766. This is useful to prepare older SL74 models for MMS sending:

  1. get into the EEPROM patcher
  2. Type part #1: 63508 65443 32604 and confirm with OK
  3. Type part #2: 58644 58028 59475 and OK
  4. power off the phone and power on again

Approval test

Hold 1, 3 and 0 while powering on the phone. (1, 5, 9 and 0 should also work)

Seems to be a mode where the phone sends data all the time so that you can test radiation.

  1. Zip code of Bocholt where the Gigasets are/were built ↩︎


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