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Shameless Rip-Off by

I recently found some of my manuals to remove BIOS passwords in a very familiar design on a totally foreign site:

This page is from 2006.

Now take a look at my old homepage:

I have SVN logs going back till December 2004 where I have started working on these pages. Also all pages behind the links are 1:1 copies of my contents - just with another background and text color.

Being confronted with the facts, Roger Brehm played dumb and said he got that info from one of his "techs", then he tried to shit me about my photos being b&w and his being colored (a filter in my CSS which only kicked in if you were surfing my site with Internet Explorer) and a missing copyright information on my pages. As if this would give him the right to copy everything and publish it under his name.

Of course, he didn't even put a link to my site on his pages. Not even after I asked him to do so.

If anyone wants to pay him a "nice" visit ... Google him

UPDATE: Looks like those pages are offline for now. You can still catch a view from the Google Cache.


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Guest on :

The copycat site is still up...

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