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Tango Messenger

If you text with someone over Tango, you might not know his/her phone number, because he got yours first and started the conversation.

But if you are on a rooted Android, that's no problem. Head to /data/data/com.sgiggle.production/files and find the file call_log.dat. Take a look at it - it should look similar to this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

The string in the <call_records>-tag looks very much like base64, so let's try! Use a local converter or some online service like to decode the Base64-stuff only (not the XML around it!).

You'll get something like this:

.oLk3aoIKX9kA5KUZ5rS7ag....+49 12345678901"
.oLk3aoIKX9kA5KUZ5rS7ag....+49 12345678901"ӷ..8.@..........J.JohnR.DoeZ5eb95e73944bf0ef4dce7b04ead420bd3@realtime.sgiggle.comb.113185j.r.z.
.oLk3aoIKX9kA5KUZ5rS7ag....+49 12345678901"ѷ..8.@..........J.JohnR.DoeZ5eb95e73944bf0ef4dce7b04ead420bd3@realtime.sgiggle.comb.95336j.r.z.

And there it is:

  • conversation id (oLk3aoIKX9kA5KUZ5rS7ag)
  • phone number (+49 12345678901)
  • email address (
  • name (2 fields: John and Doe)
  • maybe some online conversation id (
  • some number? (77288, 113185 and 95336)


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