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My iPXE settings

I'll list my modifications (keep everything else as it is) here but keep in mind that you most probably want different settings.

See also this post about iPXE in general.


(commented in to enable:)

#define    CONSOLE_FRAMEBUFFER /* Graphical framebuffer console */

(changed from us to de:)

#define    KEYBOARD_MAP    de


(changed from #undef to #define:)

#define    NET_PROTO_IPV6      /* IPv6 protocol */

(changed from #undef to #define:)

#define    DOWNLOAD_PROTO_HTTPS    /* Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol */
#define    DOWNLOAD_PROTO_FTP  /* File Transfer Protocol */

(changed from #undef to #define:)

#define    DOWNLOAD_PROTO_NFS  /* Network File System Protocol */

(commented in to disable:)

#undef SANBOOT_PROTO_ISCSI /* iSCSI protocol */
#undef SANBOOT_PROTO_AOE   /* AoE protocol */
#undef SANBOOT_PROTO_IB_SRP    /* Infiniband SCSI RDMA protocol */
#undef SANBOOT_PROTO_FCP   /* Fibre Channel protocol */

(changed from #undef to #define:)

#define    SANBOOT_PROTO_HTTP  /* HTTP SAN protocol */

(commented in to enable - works only for undionly.kpxe:)

#define   IMAGE_ELF       /* ELF image support */

(commented in to enable:)

#define    IMAGE_SCRIPT        /* iPXE script image support */

(commented in to enable - works only for undionly.kpxe:)

#define   IMAGE_COMBOOT       /* SYSLINUX COMBOOT image support */

(commented in to enable:)

#define NSLOOKUP_CMD       /* DNS resolving command */

(commented in to enable:)

#define REBOOT_CMD     /* Reboot command */
#define POWEROFF_CMD       /* Power off command */

(commented in to enable:)

#define PING_CMD       /* Ping command */
#define CONSOLE_CMD        /* Console command */
#define IPSTAT_CMD     /* IP statistics commands */

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I first stumbled upon iPXE because of a failing info monitor at my local train station: {: height="400px"} iPXE is an open source firmware, meant as a replacement for the very basic option ROM in ethernet cards. But you can also use that default option


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