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BlackBerry KEYone OTA updates for different variants

BlackBerry/TCL has disabled the described method of gaining access to the advanced features of the Updates app in the firmware versions of October 2017 and later. However, there's a way to still get access using the Janus vulnerability and installing an older or patched version of the updater. But this, too, will be gone after the December 2017 update.

Variants and update situation

The KEYone is sold as different models: BBB100-1 (US model), BBB100-2 (EMEA model), etc. And each model is distributed in multiple variants, expressed in the last 3 digits of the PRD number.

The PRD number of your device can be found on the box or in the Project test menu in the updater's advanced mode. (see below) Later firmware versions also show this in the Traceability option of the MMI test mode.

Here are a few models and variants:

Model PRD number Variant
BBB100-1 PRD-63116-001 Unlocked US
BBB100-1 PRD-63116-003 Bell
BBB100-1 PRD-63116-005 Rogers
BBB100-1 PRD-63116-036 AT&T
BBB100-2 PRD-63117-003 Unlocked UK
BBB100-2 PRD-63117-011 Unlocked Germany
BBB100-2 PRD-63117-015 NL, Belgium
BBB100-2 PRD-63117-023 AZERTY Belgium
BBB100-2 PRD-63117-027 Unlocked UAE
BBB100-3 PRD-63118-001 Unlocked
BBB100-4/5 PRD-63734-001 Unlocked
BBB100-4/5 PRD-63734-002 Unlocked?
BBB100-6 PRD-63763-001 Unlocked
BBB100-7 PRD-63764-001 Unlocked

While the variants of a model all have the same hardware, the different variants allow for different features being enabled, e.g. for different carriers.

The downside is that different carriers also release updates at different times. Sometimes weeks to months after other variants got them already. Luckily, all different variants of a model seem to use the same firmware. This allows to install updates from another variant should they not be available for the own device.

Update process in general

On the KEYone, there's an app called Updates pre-installed which sends the device's PRD number and current firmware version to TCL's servers which then reply with "There's no update for you." or the link to the update file.

The app then downloads said file and puts it at the right location so the Android bootloader can find and install it.

Such OTA update contains a script with all instructions about what is to be updated. This script also does various checks first to make sure it can be installed properly. So the risk using the method described below is very small as a wrong update would abort automatically.

Enabling advanced mode in Updates app

The Updates app on the KEYone has a hidden advanced mode with additional features. You can activate that by tapping the three dots in the upper right and selecting Help to get to the help screen. There, tap 8 times on the last item Checking for updates. A dialog box will appear asking you for a password.

The password can be obtained by decompiling the APK file for the Updates app, either using some online service or an app and looking at the /com/tcl/ota/ file.

To get the APK file, you can use ML Manager or maybe your file manager supports it already. (Don't forget to enable showing system apps and not user apps only.)

After you've entered the correct password, three new menu items appear in the Updater's main menu: Update manually, FOTA test and Project test.

This one allows you to install a full firmware update manually from the device. You need to name the update file something like (replace the PRD number with that of your device) and put it in the root directory of your MicroSD card or the internal storage.

It should then appear in this menu in the Updates app. You can install it by tapping the three dots behind the filename and select Install.

Here you can simulate different phone models/variants with different firmware versions and test if the updater works correctly. This is exactly what we need during the process below.

This menu item shows a few parameters like your PRD number (called Device CU Reference here), current firmware version, your IMEI and a few more parameters. You can also test the notification Spark in the BlackBerry Launcher and the Play Services.

Finding out which variant gets what update

OTAs are always differential updates for a specific firmware version to a newer one. To install it, you must have the correct initial firmware installed. Otherwise, the updater script will fail and abort the update.

To find out which updates are available for which variant, I found this script which I rewrote and improved. My version can be found here:

For convenience, I put up a matrix here.

Let's say we have a UK BBB100-2. The PRD would be PRD-63117-003 and as of September 2017, we'd run firmware version AAM481. However, that's the July patch, not the September patch.

But we can see from the matrix, that other variants already got the August patch (AAN358) and the PRD-63117-034 even is on the September patch already (AAO472). However, the -034 never ran version AAM481. So we have to get our device to AAN358 first to be able to patch it to AAO472. For that, we can use any variant that has our current version AAM481 and AAN358, e.g. PRD-63117-011.

Note that firmwares are only compatible between the same model. So when trying to update a device from version AAL093, make sure to emulate the correct model. If you have the BBB100-1, you have to use PRD-63116-001. If you have the BBB100-2, use PRD-63117-003.

For other BBB100 models, make sure the 5 digits in the middle of the PRD number match.

However, since the OTA updates check the device before installing, there should be no risk of bricking your device should you manage to download the wrong update.

Doing the actual update

Now that we've chosen a variant that has the update we want, we just have to make the updater think our device is that variant.

To do this, go into the new menu FOTA test and there:

  1. enable Test mode
  2. set the Emulated CU Reference to the chosen variant: PRD-63117-011
  3. set the Emulated current version to your current version: AAM481
  4. tap the START TEST button below

You should end up back in the updater's start screen. Tap the CHECK FOR UPDATES NOW button. It should search for updates and find the OTA to version AAN358. It should also start to download the new version. When done, tap the button to start the installation.

Your phone will reboot and install the update. It'll boot up to the new version.

In the case of the PRD-63117-003 variant and assuming a time of mid-September 2017, the just installed AAN358 isn't the latest version for this model. There's a newer AAO472 version available as you can see from the matrix. But only the variant PRD-63117-034 is currently getting the OTA update to AAO472. Enter that into the Emulated CU Reference field in the Updates app, change the Emulated current version to the just installed AAN358 and tap START TEST again. It'll show the second update and let you install that.

(If the updater started to download the previous update file again, remove it like explained in the Cleanup section.)


Disabling test mode

After you've updated your device, it's important to disable the Test mode of the Updates app so it will notify you of further updates. To do this, go into the FOTA test menu and slide the switch for Test mode into the "off" position.

Removing already downloaded update

It might happen that the updater starts to download the same update (which we just installed) again. If that happens to you, first make sure the Test mode is disabled (see above), then go into the updater's Settings menu. You should find an entry about the downloaded file with a dustbin/trashcan icon. Tap that to delete the wrong file.

Disabling advanced mode

There's no built-in way to disable the advanced mode of the Updates app. So the only way is to reset all settings for the app itself. To do this, you need to go into the Android settings → Apps. There, tap the three dots menu and select Show system. Now scroll down the list to tap the Updates app. There, tap Storage and hit the CLEAR DATA button. After that, the Updates app is in "Basic" mode again.


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