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iPXE Scripts for Tools

Most tools you want to boot are probably Linux systems. To boot them, you need a kernel and some (initial) filesystem. One way is to load an initrd (initial ramdisk) which contains only the basic stuff and mounts the big filesystem itself. Or you can mount the "big" filesystem directly and use that from the beginning.

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iPXE Network Boot

I first stumbled upon iPXE because of a failing info monitor at my local train station:

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iPXE is an open source firmware, meant as a replacement for the very basic option ROM in ethernet cards. But you can also use that default option ROM to chainload iPXE without having to modify your device(s).

iPXE brings several features like loading boot images via HTTP, FTP, iSCSI, SMB, etc. and it also supports WiFi.

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Rooting means installing a su binary onto the device, which provides a way to become the root (=Superuser, "su") user on the Android system. root has access to everything and thus you can do really nasty things with it.

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