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ALSA → PulseAudio for Flash and others

One huge problem in a standard Ubuntu install is that not all programs are actually using the PulseAudio daemon but instead still use ALSA. This is especially true with the flashplugin. Since PulseAudio and ALSA can't use the hardware device at the same time, they block each other which leads to hangs and maybe even crashes of programs (e.g. browser).

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No sound in Flash videos

If you have no sound in Flash videos but in all other programs, there are two possibilities:

  1. the PCM output is set to silence
    • check volume setting with alsamixer
  2. you might have a second audio device (e.g. a Webcam with a microphone) which gets preferred by ALSA
    • fix it by unplugging it, or
    • force ALSA to use another device, see ALSA FAQ#26
    • set SkypeOptionsSound Devices to [ ] Allow Skype to automatically adjust my mixer levels
  3. some sound via PulseAudio is currently playing (see ALSA → PulseAudio for Flash and others)

Bug report is #396558.